Chunk Honey 24oz

Manufacturer: Honey Run Apiaries
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SKU: HN-424

24oz jar with honey comb and our raw wildflower honey.

For our chunk honey we cut a large chunk of honey comb straight from the beehive, put it in a jar and cover it with freshly extracted liquid honey that has been extracted without the use of heat or heavy processing. It’s the best of comb honey and extracted honey in one jar. This is the closest you can get to honey straight from the hive short of reaching right into the hive and spreading it on your toast. To prevent crystallization chunk honey should be frozen for long term storage. Note: Due to the timing of the honey flow the past year our supply of chunk honey is very limited this year.

All of our honey is wildflower honey collected from various sources from the woods and grasslands surrounding our apiaries located in Allen County, Ohio. Sources include wild raspberry, basswood, wild rose, several varieties of clover, catalpa, and more than a dozen other trees and wildflowers in our area. Depending on the weather and rainfall the blooms of each varies each year as does the color and subtle flavors of the honey. Typically we harvest our honey once per year in August.


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