Heavy Duty Hive Stand

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These sturdy hive stands are built with solid steel making them heavy duty and light weight. We use 5/8 inch solid steel stock for all but the cross members and they are ½ inch solid steel stock. These stands won’t warp, crack or bend in bad weather like wood or plastic.  They are more cost effective expensive plastic stands and do not have the maintenance of wooden stands.

Each stand will accommodate both the eight and ten frame hives. The hives are held 9 inches above the ground with a ½ inch drop to the front so rain can safely drain from the hive helping to keep your bees dry.   The stands are wide enough to also accomodate two 5 frame nuc boxes.

The open construction has several advantages. The weight of the hive is distributed more evenly than the stands with four corner points. The wide bottoms don’t easily sink into the ground. Weeds are easily kept down both under and around your hives.  Weed eaters can’t harm our stands. The concrete blocks used by many are inexpensive but they tend to allow ants, moths and other enemies to set up housekeeping directly under your bees. Open construction helps deny them their potential nesting grounds. The open design makes these stands useful for blowing bees out of the supers for honey extraction.

The knock down stand has three cross bars that lock into place. Assembly takes less than sixty seconds and requires no tools.

The arched sides and solid construction make it easy to pick up and move your hives. The arched sides also make it easy to strap down your hive lids. No more bricks on top.

Since our stands are made of solid steel maintaining them is easy.  The stands are dip painted to ensure complete coverage..  If rust appears a simple wire brush and a spray can of Rustoleum paint that is available almost everywhere will keep your stand looking new.

Approximate size when assembled:  22" wide x 27.5" deep x 14.5" high.   Hive sits about 9" off the ground.

Optional Accessories:

  • Extention Bars allow 2 stands to be connected together to form a stand holding 3 hives.
  • Frame Holder that attaches to the stand to hold frames during inspection.   Unlike the traditional frame holder, it holds more frames and doesn't require moving it between boxes.


Includes one heavy duty hive stand consisting of 2 sides and 3 support bars.   Does not include hives or extention bars to connect multiple stands.

Made in the USA

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