Medium 5 Frame Nuc

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Complete assembled 5 medium frame nuc assembled with staples, glue and staples.  Requires 5 medium frames (not included).

This is our favorite nuc box.  Its simple design is easy to move and manipulate with few moving parts.  Ideal for raising queens and making splits.   In fact this is the nuc box we use for raising our queens.  We prefer to place them in groups of 4, one facing each direction when raising queens.  When working on them we sit on one nuc to work on the next making it easy on our knees and back.   Fully assembled and unpainted.

  • More than half the bottom is screened to allow it to be moved easily.  Just plug the entrance or tape over it and move.  This also helps nucs maintain their temperature in the hot summer and when they become strong.
  • The small 7/8" entrance large enough for even strong nucs but small enough to minimize robbing in weak nucs.
  • The simple two piece design makes manipulation easy with no extra inner cover to set aside.
  • The entrance is located above the handle which serves as a landing board and is sheltered by the overhang of the cover.  It also makes it easy to pick up for a quick move without mashing bees.
  • The 2 feet on the bottom help with ventilation and minimize the contact area between the nuc and the stand the nuc is on.  This reduces decay from sitting in water.  The feet can be replaced to extend life.
  • Grooves on the bottom allow a sheet of plastic to close of the bottom ventilation as needed.

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Products specifications
Frame Size Medium (6 5/8" Hive Body)
Hive Size 5 Frame (9" Width)
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