All of our honey is wildflower honey collected from various sources from the woods and grasslands surrounding our apiaries located in Allen County, Ohio. Sources include wild raspberry, basswood, wild rose, several varieties of clover, catalpa, and more than a dozen other trees and wildflowers in our area. Depending on the weather and rainfall the blooms of each varies each year as does the color and subtle flavors of the honey. Typically we harvest our honey once per year in August.

Our honey is extracted from the comb without the use of heat and heavy processing. It is filtered through a stainless steel strainer to remove most of the visible pieces of wax, propolis, and pollen. It does not remove the small grains of wax, propolis, and pollen maintaining the fresh from the hive taste. Raw honey does tend to crystallize more quickly than highly processed honey because it has not been heavily filtered removing all the particles that tend to cause crystallization nor is it heated higher than 120 degrees to pasteurize the honey and remove any honey crystals that cause crystallization to start. Thus to supply liquid honey throughout the year we do need to warm the honey to restore its liquid state. However, this is done at a very controlled temperature no hotter than temperatures encountered in the hive on a warm summer day and at temperatures much lower than those typically used in honey processing.

Note: On request the honey may be shipped crystalized except for the few months after our August harvest when it has not yet crystalized.

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Raw Honey - 12oz Honey Bear
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Raw Honey - 1lb Jar
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Raw Honey - 2lb Jar
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Raw Honey - 3lb Jug
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Raw Honey - 5lb Jug
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Raw Honey - 60lb Bucket (5 Gallons)
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